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i pressed 666 and was exited out of the game. i then posted this comment and then closed the page

maybe i just didn't do something right. maybe it was the third location. these comments below do not reflect actual gameplay if they were playing what i was, however. 

Finally a good unity first person game. It reminded me of 2014 ludum dare games. Models and the dimensions were great to travel to!

"Kilroy was here" LOL!

Game was smooth and straightforward, cute enough. I have huge nostalgia for these games so that might be the reason i liked it this much. 8/10.


I thought it was cute, but it'd be neat if you could get out and check out a dimension or two.

I caused a whole bunch of glitches by spinning my scroll wheel wildly. At one point, I caused the whole game to display upside down.


nice game

Neat! Thanks for the post on you process in using tiltbrush


Your welcome! Glad others find it useful :)

I like the graphics cool game. Please check out my music from my collection, thanks!